Silos plant maintenance - Genoa

Monthly verification of system functionality

The order includes monthly checks to verify the functionality of the individual parts that make up the plant, such as:
- roof filter shaking and dedusting transport;
.- transport dampers
- level sensors;
- flight obstacle system;
- emergency mushrooms.
It provides for the monthly drafting of a detailed report listing the activities carried out, any criticalities encountered, and indications for remedying the problems detected.
Ordinary and extraordinary maintenance is carried out in order to prevent malfunctions or to carry out improvements or modernisation.

Silos Plant
Port of Gioia Tauro

Revamping of the Silos plant at Terminal Italcementi -
Port of Gioia Tauro

Preliminary on-site inspections and surveys for detailed engineering development followed by design and subsequent implementation of MCC and PLC switchboards.
Disconnection and removal of existing switchboards, installation and connection of new switchboards provided.
Everything supervised on PC station with PLC and HMI software provided and developed by us.
The work was concluded with the commissioning on site and the execution of the verification tests at no load and at load.
Thanks to the integration of remote connection, we guarantee support 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Wind detection system

Technology Cloud IoT Plus

Wind intensity, wind direction and other optional measurements such as temperature and humidity are constantly monitored in real-time by an anemometer.
The values are stored in a database and backed up daily for later use in statistical processing.
Messages are sent via email or sms when preset alarm thresholds are exceeded and in the event of malfunctions.
Security guaranteed by authentication certificates and data protection and encryption protocols.

Dock infiltration detection system

Dry dock 5

The system enables constant monitoring of the water entering and leaving the empty basin.
Sensors connected to physical measuring devices send signals to a server using IoT technology.
The system makes it possible to measure separately the amount of water coming in:
- from site work;
- from atmospheric phenomena;
- infiltration.
The data processing carried out by the software allows you to always have updated information in real time and to receive immediate notifications when pre-set alarm thresholds are reached.

Pull-out stair automation system

Virgin Voyages: Scarlet Lady, Valiant Lady , Resilient Lady

Design and implementation of a system for the automation of pull-out ladders for Virgin Voyages ships, both the hardware and software parts.
The job involves the design and construction of the electrical panel, the elaboration of the diagrams and the programming of the PLC, the cabling of the panels up to the commissioning on board of the final system.

Distribution boards for Scrubber plant

For a leading Italian shipping company

Supply and wiring of electrical distribution and power switchboards for new Scrubber system on the ferry fleet of an important national shipping company.
Made with components of the best brands for naval use and RINA certified.
Commissioning on board, in Italy and abroad.

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myLIFT app

The information system that supports modern lift technology. Characterised by its ease of use, the application allows you to use your smartphone as a remote control for the movement of condominium lifts in place of keys or physical badges.

myWIND app

It is a management, coordination and control tool for the detection of natural physical elements such as wind intensity and direction, temperature and humidity; it allows the processing of the acquired values and the communication of any technical dispositions to other interested structures, departments or bodies.

myPARK app

It is a practical tool for accessing and using car parking areas via a smartphone used as a remote control connected to a real-time monitoring unit of the parking area, allowing the supervision of all activities associated with the use of the gate, such as authorisations and accesses.

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